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Christine Bennett psychotherapist in Crows Nest Sydney and Terrigal NSW

Christine Bennett specialises in helping her clients build better relationships, achieve success in work-life balance, heal emotional wounds, manage stress and reach agreements for parenting, financial and bullying disputes through mediation.

Christine's practice is based on the philosophy of educating for change so that more appropriate life choices can be discovered and implemented.

Christine uses various techniques including Imago Dialogue, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Voice Dialogue, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Provocative Energy Techniques and Archetypal Therapy.

Christine's Qualifications

Christine offers consultations in Crows Nest, Sydney NSW, Central Coast NSW and online using secure meeting room.

Christine's private practice has provided counselling, psychotherapy, life coaching, clinical supervision, and training now for over 20 years. Her training in education, psychological practice, supervision and mediation have given Christine a unique blend of skills to help her clients.

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Depession Anxiety
Self Esteem Motivation
Stress Management Anger Management
Change and Adjustment Assertiveness Training
Career Planning and Development Goal Setting

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