What is Counselling and self esteem?

What is Counselling?

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Counselling involves a process of change so that you may achieve a desired state or outcome.

Counselling is sometimes referred to as "the talking cure". Simply having someone who is impartial hear your story can be helpful. Having your story and feelings validated is an important step towards establishing healthy self esteem.

Development of a healthy self esteem occurs substantially in the first seven years of life and is often lacking in a world where parents are time poor and struggling with their own concerns.

A counsellor's role is to facilitate your process of change by helping identify what options may be available to you. Any decisions you make are yours, as it is beyond the boundaries of a counsellor to offer advice.

The focus in a counselling session is usually on a specific issue such as and not limited to:

What is Counselling Sydney?

How do you choose a counsellor?

It is important that you check a counsellor's credentials to ensure you will receive help form a well qualified professional with experience in the area where you need help.

Your consultant Christine Bennett has over 20 years' exerience and expertise. For more information please visit:

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